One of the greatest choreographers in Japan. The Father of Japanese jazz dance.

Starting from joining in a ballet company right after the World War Two, he toured and performed as a dancer through American military territories, cabarets, and theaters all over Japan. His performance fascinated audience. In a meanwhile, Taku studied performing arts from foreign books on his own, and succeeded as a choreographer. Since then, he created many pieces for OSK, Takarazuka Girls' Operetta Troupe, Jonny's, Shiki Theatre Company and more. Also his work reached on TV shows. NHK New Year's Music Specia, Shonentai, Hiroshi Itsuki, Hideki Saijo, Rumiko Koyanagi, "Show Girl" of Nana Kinomi and Toshiyuki Hosokawa, "Shanghai Bas King" and so many more. He choreographed for many singers and actors as well. Lately, he had found the organization of Japanese Choreographers to contribute choreographers in Japan. No one had brought greater joy and the number of the works in Japan.